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All attorneys are busy, but some attorneys are busier than others, often scrambling from courtroom to courtroom without the time (or, let's face it, the inclination) to spend an entire day retraining themselves or their associates on how to prepare an appeal, researching a complicated legal issue, writing or refining an appellate brief, or teasing out the finer points of a scientific, policy, or other interdisciplinary issue. If you need (or want) to spend your time in court, but need backup to make sure it's time well spent, we are eager to help. 

Appellate Consulting

Whether you're new to appeals or you've spent your entire career in appellate law, you may find yourself wondering whether your arguments, your observance of the sometimes arcane rules of appellate procedure, or your strategy are serving your client as well as they could be. If you want to talk to an attorney whose primary practice involves appellate law, appellate rules, and appellate courts, or you just want a fresh perspective, contact us today for appellate consultation services tailored to your needs and ensure your appeal is as perfect as it can possibly be.

Appellate Instruction

If you are about to begin your appellate practice, or just want to train (or retrain) yourself or new associates on the finer points of appellate advocacy and procedure, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule appellate instruction services on a wide variety of appellate topics, from subjects as simple as effective brief writing to those as complex as obtaining discretionary appeals before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Legal Research and Writing

Need to know the history of a statute originally enacted in 1880? Trying to figure out how the courts resolved a complicated jurisprudential conflict? Just too busy to write or edit a brief? If you find yourself with a time-consuming legal issue or drafting or editing task, contact us today to make our day yours: we'll spend it in the stacks so you don't have to.

Other Research and Writing

If you went to law school to study the law, not everything else, but find yourself with non-legal research needs, we can provide in-depth research of psychological, historical, scientific, or myriad other questions with an eye toward legal argument. Contact us today to make sure your argument transcends the ordinary boundaries of legal research.

Outside Counsel

Whether you are concerned about lacking appellate experience, too busy to devote the time to pursue an appeal as diligently as you would like, or just prefer your trial or other practice, our outside-counsel services may be a good fit for you. We can provide an efficient and effective review of your likelihood of success on appeal, join as counsel on-brief, or as co-counsel throughout the appeal, as your needs dictate. Contact us today to get started.

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At Woods Law Offices PLLC, we focus on Crimial & Civil Appeals, Amicus Curiae, Appellate Consulting and General Referrals. We're here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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