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  • S.D. v. C.K.

    November 2023

    Successfully litigated major civil appeal in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as Amicus Curiae Read On

  • In Re: Objection to S.S.

    August 2023

    Successfully defended nominating paper challenge against third party candidate Read On

  • Commonwealth v. S.J.

    June 2023

    Successfully challenged trial court's refusal to consider external juror influence in a first-degree homicide case Read On

  • Commonwealth v. M.K.

    April 2023

    Obtained withdrawal of client's simple assault charges Read On

  • G.H.R. v. S.T.

    March 2023

    Obtained Discontinuance of Appellant's appeal after writing Brief for Appellee Read On

  • Commonwealth v. T.H.

    March 2023

    Obtained parole 13 days into defendant's 23 month sentence of confinement for indecent assault Read On

  • Commonwealth v. B.L.

    March 2023

    Obtained dismissal of misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in vehicle code violations on behalf of bicycle activist  Read On

  • Commonwealth v. M.R.

    February 2023

    Obtained award of credit for 152 days time served pursuant to the illegal-sentence provisions of the Post Conviction Relief Act. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. B.P.

    January 2023

    Obtained award of credit for 422 days time served pursuant to the Post Conviction Relief Act. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. T.J.

    January 2023

    Settled action pursuant to post conviction relief act resulting in clients immediate release, roughly a decade early. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. V.S.

    October 2022

    Obtained order vacating three of defendant's four sentences for arson endangering persons. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. D.S.

    September 2022

    Nolle prossed penalties imposed on an F1 aggravated assault involving a self-defense shooting.  Read On

  • S.V. v. A.M.

    September 2022

    Successfully defended civil action for thousands in alleged property damage. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. D.H.

    August 2022

    Obtained dismissal of numerous felony drug delivery and related charges after bench trial. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. D.T.

    July 2022

    Obtained lower disposition and return of clients ceased dogs following prelimary hearing. Read On

  • CW v. R.C.

    Obtained withdrawal of felony burglary charge and numerous other charges Read On

  • Commonwealth v. A.S.

    Overturned Probation-Revocation Sentence of Up to 3 Years Imprisonment In a DUI Prosecution Read On

  • Commonwealth v. D.T.

    Negotiated plea agreement in prosecution for possession of a stolen firearm and numerous drugs avoiding conviction and nearly all criminal sanctions Read On

  • Commonwealth v. J.W.B.

    Obtained affirmance of order dismissing guilty verdict in prosecution for sexual assault Read On

  • Commonwealth v. A.Y.

    Obtained dismissal of prosecution for numerous drug offenses Read On

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