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A lot of people think landlord/tenant law is simple: that if a tenant doesn't pay rent on time, the landlord can change the locks and evict the tenant immediately. They couldn't be more wrong. In Pennsylvania, landlord/tenant law is governed by a complicated mixture of judicial decisions dating back to the law of England, laws passed by the General Assembly over roughly 300 years, and procedural rules created by the courts. These laws provide significantly more protections for tenants facing evictions, and landlord who draft leases or bring eviction proceedings without an attorney do so at their own peril: losing thousands of dollars and hours of their time in the process. By contrast, tenants may not understand the full panoply of their rights, or may think they are more protected than the law provides.

Whether you are a new landlord just preparing to lease property, a company looking for property management solutions that don't waste your time and money, or a tenant appealing an eviction order, our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to make sure that your rights and your interests are protected.

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